Nate's services:

I’ve found that Christian Science treatment can heal everything from depression to chronic disease. It also can heal everyday problems, such as a lack of vision, purpose, energy or supply. The services I offer include: Christian Science treatment, consultation and home or care facility visits. 

Christian Science treatment is more about understanding God, divine Life, than pleading to God for an answer or outcome.  Understanding and actively acknowledging the perfection that underlies reality naturally results in definitive healing.

Treatment - $40/day (effective April 1, 2019)

I offer Christian Science treatment to anyone who is looking for healing or resolution through prayer. There is no formula for Christian Science treatment. Each treatment is specific and inspired for that patient’s needs. On a basic level, the treatment involves discarding discouraging thoughts, acknowledging the presence of God, divine Love, and affirming spiritual laws of health and harmony.

Christian Science treatment is simple and practical. Treatment starts from the premise of the patient’s wholeness and worth. It does not include the use of drugs, physical therapy or counseling. Being healed spiritually is an enjoyable experience, although it often requires giving up old habits and acquiring a new sense of identity as the "image and likeness of God."

Consultation - $40/day (effective April 1, 2019)
Consultation is helpful to someone who wants to learn more about Christian Science or dive deeper in their spiritual study.  This is a great opportunity to hear and share spiritual inspiration, without the service of specific Christian Science treatment. Consultation is general prayer for a person while treatment is specific Truth applied to one person’s request for help. This type of general prayer is the best option for those who want spiritual support while easing off of medication.

Visits - $50/hr + mileage as needed
Though Christian Science treatment does not depend on the proximity of the patient to the practitioner, it is often helpful for both the practitioner and the patient to be in the same place so that the practitioner can uplift the mental and physical atmosphere of the patient. This service could include home visits, office appointment/visits or visits to Christian Science care facilities.


*I fully respect and uphold the confidentiality of the patient/practitioner relationship.

I bill via email at the end of the month; some patients choose to pay as they go.